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  • Savor The Majestic Manali With The Adventure Of Trekking This 2022

    By: Palak Jain | In: Weekend Getaways | Last Updated: 2022-03-26

    Savor The Majestic Manali With The Adventure Of Trekking This 2022

    Hills are famous for traveling purposes, as their ethereal beauty not only gives you the feeling of modesty but also makes you realize your existence. For this reason, most people love to visit mountains. When it comes to the matter of visiting mountains, no other place can be better than the Himalayas in India to explore.

    India is covered by the great Himalayas in its North. There is no need to explain, how beautifully the north is dappled with alpine trees, eye-pleasing natural views, extraordinary pleasing climate, and enormous chances for trekking for the people who love to trek. India has multiple hill stations like Kashmir, Leh, Ladakh, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, and many more. But the beauty and elegance of Himachal is something that is impressive and incredible. At TourTravelWorld, you can get the best tour operators in Manali. Our company has some of the best Manali holiday packages from Delhi that can help you to get your dream trip at a reasonable rate. Approach TourTravelWorld now to get exciting free quotes.

    Besides being adorned with stunning sceneries and intimidating treks, Manali is considered to be the queen of adventure. If you are an avid lover of trekking, you can take remarkable experiences of wonderful bike rides, jeep safaris, and exciting paragliding options. Every year the trekkers visit Manali once where they attain various adventures, endless outdoor workouts.

  • The Top Place For Trekking In Manali in 2022

    The famous places of trekking in Manali include high altitude treks like Dev Tibba, Hampta pass, Bhringu Lake, Chandratal Lake, and Beas Kund, all beginning from Manali. Situated at an altitude of 2000 meters, these Manali treks can provide you with a feeling of the ultimate thrill and adventure. Lets explore the famous places for trekking in Manali in 2022 with this verbal journey. Lets dive into the facts.

    Here are some of the best places that are convenient and remarkable for trekking in Manali in 2022. These places definitely provide you with an extraordinary Manali trekking experience.

    1: Bhrigu Lake
    2: Lama Dugh Trekking Point
    3: Jogini Waterfalls
    4: Hamya Herbal Trekking Point
    5: Chandrakhani Pass Trekking Point
    6: Deo Tibba Trekking Point
    7: Kheerganga Trekking Point

  • Bhrigu Lake

    Bhrigu Lake Manali

    Image Source :

    The first place of our Manali trekking places is none other than Bhrigu Lake trek. Situated at 14000 feet, the Bhrigu Lake is one of the most elegant and charming destinations of Manali. The lake stays snowy and frigid most of the time in a year and is one of the ingenious highlights of trekking in Manali in 2022.

    While attending your trekking, you can watch the herd of horses is feeding on the slants of the snowy mountain on a bright sunny day. Isnt it a pleasing scenario? The starting point of the Bhrigu Lake trekking is Gulaba and the journey ends at Rola Khuli. You need a maximum of 4 days for this trek and the difficulty level is light to moderate.

  • Lama Dugh Trekking Point

    Lama Dugh Trekking Point Manali

    Image Source :

    If you want trekking that is not tough yet pleasing, then the Lama Dugh trek is a perfect choice for you. Situated at the height of 9900 feet this is a place enriched with natural beauty and thick Alpine trees. The starting point of this trek is Dhungri and the ending point is Lama Dugh. The climbs in this trek are easy and you need a total of 7 hours to cover it.

  • Jogini Waterfalls

    Jogini Waterfalls Manali

    Image Source :

    If you want to have a magnificent and graceful sight of an ever-streaming waterfall, the Jogini Waterfalls is a perfect option for you. The Jogini Waterfalls is a journey of 3 km from Manali and its a walk rather than a trek because its very easy to reach the Jogini Waterfalls. Situated at only 6700 feet, the starting point of the voyage is Vashisht Temple and the ending point is Jogini Waterfalls. You need only 30 minutes to reach there.

  • Hamya Herbal Trekking Point

    Hamya Herbal Trekking Point Manali

    Image Source :

    Trekking is all about taking the essence of the mountain. If you want to seize the actual mood of the vast and stunning Himalayan landscape, no other place can help you better than the Hamya Herbal Valley. The Hamya Herbal trekking point is appropriate for those who have the primary knowledge about trekking.

    The Hamya Herbal trekking point is located at the height of 14000 feet and requires a total of 8 days to be properly visited. An intriguing factor of this trekking is that it both starts and ends at the same location, Pandu Ropa. The Hamya Herbal trekking point is majorly famous among adventurers because of its amazing arrangements of various camps and tents.

  • Chandrakhani Pass Trekking Point

    Chandrakhani Pass Trekking Point Manali

    Image Source :

    If you are an avid lover of snowy and frozen mountain trekking experiences, the Chandrakhani Pass trekking point is the one-stop solution for all your yearnings. With the breathtaking scenic views of Deo Tibba Peak, Pir Panjal, and Parbati ranges, the Chandrakhani Pass trekking point is one of the phenomenal hills passes. The total duration of this trek is 3 days because the entire distance of this trekking is 22 kilometers.

    The Chandrakhani Pass trekking point is positioned at the height of 12000 feet. The starting point of this trekking point isPatlikuhl and the ending point is Rumsu. A trekker requires a basic knowledge of trekking for this journey and this trekking needs moderate climbs. Those who are beginners can also attend this trek. While trekking you can have some mesmerizing sights because the Chandrakhani Pass dissipates over the entire Kullu Valley.

  • Deo Tibba Trekking Point

    Deo Tibba Trekking Point Manali

    Image Source :

    Our next destination is the Deo Tibba trek which is supposed to be the best trekking spot of the entire Manali. You need a 1.5-hour taxi ride from Manali to reach Khanol which is the base camp of this trekking program. The Deo Tibba peak is one of the most beautiful trekking points of the entire Himalayan range. But the Deo Tibba trekking program is not easy, it needs special training and experience to successfully attain this trip.
    Located at the height of 14700 feet, the Deo Tibba trekking point needs a total of 6 days to obtain. The starting point of the journey is Khanol and the ending point is also Khanol. As we cited earlier, the Deo Tibba trekking point is not an easy trip, it requires moderate to heavy climbs.

  • Kheerganga Trekking Point

    Kheerganga Trekking Point Manali

    Image Source :

    The next trekking point on our treks in Manali list is none other than Kheerganga trekking point. The Kheerganga trekking point is situated at the end of Parvati Valley and is considered to be the last village on the trail of the Pir Parvati trekking. If you are a nature fanatic, we suggest this place is meant only for you. The scenic beauty and lush verdure is the main attraction of this place.

    Apart from the mesmerizing panoramic sights, this place is also famous for hot water springs and Lord Shiva. This holy place is required 6-7 days to be covered completely and situated at 10065 feet in height. The starting point of the voyage is Manali and the ending point is Tosh. You dont need to be bothered because this trek needs easy climbs.

  • Conclusion
    So these are some of the best places for Manali trekking camps that can alleviate all your trekking yearnings. You can cover these best places with our company.

    Manali is a place full of adventure spots and several trekking routes, you can simply select your favorite place as per your preferred locations and level of hardship. Most of the treks take place in winter because of the lanky winter routes that can give you a feeling of ultimate exhilaration. The treks that are organized every year are also known as winter treks in India. Manali is the favorite place of the adventurers because these treks give them the experience of a lifetime.

    Himachal has miscellaneous places to uncover, each is fulfilled with tremendous natural beauty and heavenly magnificence. But among those places, Manali is probably the most gorgeous yet soothing one in the entire Himalayan range of India. Geographically, Manali is situated at the northern end of the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh.

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